About Us

John Longendorfer’s work leans toward medieval fantasy while Edwin Longendorfer’s is more contemporary and somewhat on the humorous side. John also creates sculpture and one of a kind lamps using a variety of media that have a sense of fantasy as well. They also feature works by Lillian Longendorfer, the wife and mother. Working in pastels and oils, her work has an impressionistic style. Her subject matter tends toward landscape, wildlife and people at work.

Although new to the Milford area the Longendorfer’s have been involved in art over a number of years. John Longendorfer received his training in art at the Philadelphia College of art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. And, during the 1970’s he had the original Golden Fish Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, in the South Street area. He has shown his work at a number of science fiction conventions and juried art shows. He is a recipient of the Chesley Award presented by the American Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art for his body of work. He has also received awards at a variety of art shows.

Edwin Longendorfer is a self taught artist raised in a household of artists. Guided by his father he has developed his own style and sense of creativity.

Lillian Longendorfer is a physician and self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting since early childhood. Her works have been shown in a number of juried shows in Pennsylvania and Michigan including the Muskegon Museum of Art and the Woodmere Gallery.

In addition to their own artwork, the Longendorfers are committed to promoting works by local artists and crafts people in Pike County. To this end, they present monthly art shows which feature one or more of these talented amateur to well-known professional artists. Look for some of these artists’ work to be shown on this website. These artists include NINA GEORGIOU who specializes in fabric art created on note cards and on various wooden boxes, TIM STROYAN who creates wonderful wood benches, tables and book cases, TRACY HICKMAN who makes beaded and polymer clay jewelry and glass mosaics, CATHIE DETWIELER who designs silver jewelry and LEA cONTI who designs Milford souvaniers and decorated tiles using photographs she has taken.